For the first time in over 4 years I am out of therapy.

I’ve been in therapy almost as long as I’ve been sick.
I started seeing my school counsellor a few months after I got sick and started to go downhill mood wise. Not long after that my school counsellor thought I needed more than just her so sent me to her supervisor. I saw the two of them every week for over 3 years. I then moved back to England and had the NHS mental health service, which I will add was rubbish. But then I found a psychologist privately that specialised in treating people with chronic pain and in pain management techniques. From September up until April I was seeing her every week, when I started to feel better we started cutting it down to every 2 weeks, then three weeks ago we cut it down to 3 week gaps. I went today and after discussing how I have been over the past 3 weeks and that I’m doing so well we mutually decided that I didn’t need to see her anymore because I’m doing so well.

It feels pretty weird to be out, to be well enough that I don’t need it anymore, but it feels good too and I’m pretty pleased with myself to be honest. Though a bit scared to be out also, I can go back if I need to but hopefully I won’t. My psychologist said I could email her if I needed to and to let her know how things go with college etc. And my school counsellor who has been there for me through everything is still there for me on the other end of an email or a text and I know she will always be there for me.

I am now officially out of therapy for the first time in over 4 years.


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