Off to visit some family.

So tomorrow me and my family are taking a road trip to North Wales where my Dad is from, it’s about a 6 hour drive from where we live in the South of England. It’s always quite a stressful trip, not the journey there but actually being there and visiting all my family. We are there for 3 nights, so 2 full days of going from relative to relatives house and being force fed tea and cake at each house you visit and if you don’t have any it’s rude. And then there’s the fact that in North Wales they speak Welsh, my Dad speaks it and so do all my relatives up there so they are chatting away in Welsh the whole time, a language me, my sister and my mum don’t speak, other than knowing a few greetings and things like ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ and ‘thank you’. And it’s generally very boring and tiring visiting family all day and listening to them all speak Welsh, don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see them, but it’s just a bit draining.

Family trips since getting sick have always been quite a struggle for me. This isn’t really a holiday it’s more like just visiting family all day which in itself is quite tiring. But every time I go on some sort of family trip it’s always been a bit of a trigger for me, pain wise and depression wise. They have sent me spiraling downhill in the past. Hopefully with how I’m feeling now it won’t be too bad.

And then there’s the fact I have hundreds of scars all over my arms that the family I’m visiting have never seen before, and plus it’s summer and rather warm here in the UK at the minute. I wear short sleeves all the time, my scars don’t really bother me, well most of the time. I hide them for some things but generally most of the time I don’t because I really don’t care what the general public think of me, they have no idea what I’ve been through. But I’m kind of in two minds about letting my family on my Dads side in North Wales see them. So I’ve packed a cardigan so I have the option not to reveal them if I don’t want to.


2 thoughts on “Off to visit some family.

  1. I hope that you have a brilliant time. If you are in North Wales and get a chance the Giants are in Liverpool today and tomorrow morning. Go see them they are amazing. We live just across the water from Liverpool and have a spare room. You are welcome anytime.

    • Thank you Patti, only here for 3 nights though and got to get back for Wednesday as I have doctors appointments in London on Wednesday and a job interview Thursday. But thank you for your kind offer, would totally take you up on it if I could 🙂

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