I got a job!

I got a job, actually I got two jobs.
An old work friend of my mums is a manager of a sports club bar, she posted on Facebook the other day saying that there was a vacancy in the bar for a couple of hours on a Sunday. My Mum messaged her saying I was interested and we met on Monday for an interview/training type thing, where she taught me hour to pour a pint out of a draft, which my the way I aced. And then she offered me the job right there and then, I took it, bar work when you have no experience of bar work is extremely hard to get, and the opportunity was far too good to pass on as once I have bar work experience it makes it a lot easier for me to get say another bar job when I hopefully go off to uni.

Two months back I applied to work at a supermarket near me which is expanding and taking on 120 new staff. I had my interview a couple of weeks ago now and it went well, so I just had to wait and hear about whether I was being offered a job. The supermarket rang me yesterday asking what hours during the week I could work. I thought it was a bit strange as I didn’t apply to work during the week and evenings during the week because I will have college. I was a bit concerned they were going to offer me a job but they would want me to work loads of weekday evenings which I don’t want to do and only want to work weekends, as I don’t want to take too much on and risk having a bit of a meltdown. But nevertheless I thought I would just wait and see what they came back with if they offer me a job when they send out the offer letters in a week or so.

Today the manager of the bar posted again on Facebook which my Mum saw again that there was also a kitchen position open on a Saturday, just low key stuff nothing too complicated. I immediately text the manager saying I was interested in the job if they would have me. She straight away text me back with what the wages are and saying that it was every other Saturday and was that okay, I said yes and she replied with ‘great you start on the 13th September at 1pm.’ I now have a job on every other Saturday and every Sunday for a few hours and am thrilled. This is perfect, I will earn some money for some pretty simple work for a few hours. I will have weekdays to get all my college work done and go to taekwondo training and then every other Saturday off as well.
If the supermarket offer me a job I’m going to turn it down, as I’ve now got a better job which suits me better as well.
I think this is a good way to ease me into working and not taking on too much, especially with having loads of college work and lots of taekwondo training for my 2nd Dan Black Belt grading. Overall I’m pretty pleased, I think this is the best way for me to earn some money and not risk taking on too much.


5 thoughts on “I got a job!

  1. Congratulations Sian, so pleased for you! Sounds like it has worked out really well and as you said, not too much to take on whilst you’re doing other things.
    On a different note, are you a member of The Pillow Fort? They are a group that focus on the positivity for people with chronic illnesses. They have a great Facebook group that is giving me some fantastic advice. Not sure if you have Facebook but if you do then I would recommend checking it out 🙂 http://thepillowfort.co.uk/

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