My trip to Dubai.

So I’ve been in Dubai for the past 5 days, flew in on Tuesday night with my sister who was flying back ready for school to start today, so just a short visit for me to spend time with her and my Dad. 

Been spending time with my sister, we have been out for breakfast one day, shopping and lunch another and it’s been really nice. Friday night I went out with my Dad and his best friend and his son who is my age, we went to a bar for drinks and dinner. I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t get in because the age here to be allowed into bars and to drink is 21 and I’m 7 months off being 21 so I don’t have ID, so I dressed up nicely, put makeup on and wore heels to make myself look older. We put our names down for a table and then walked into the bar for a drink, I was stopped by the bouncer but before he could get two words out I came out with ‘I’m 22!’ in a really sassy, disgusted that I was being asked my age sort of voice, and then continued walking into the bar, and I got away with it. So we had a couple of cocktails and dinner and it was quite good. We didn’t stay out too late because my Dads friend wasn’t feeling too good, so we got a taxi and went home. My sister had a bunch of friends round for drinks so I joined them for the rest of the evening which was nice.
Saturday my Dad let me take his new car out for a drive, it’s a Porsche Cayenne and is pretty swanky and a really nice drive so that was really good. And then me my Dad and sister went out to this Thai restaurant in this nice hotel nearby and had a lovely evening.
I have had a nice day today, I went into my old school to visit one of my favourite people; my school counsellor, we had a lovely chat and it was really nice to see her. Since getting out of therapy in June I haven’t really spoken to anyone in person about my feelings since then and it was nice to talk with her, I can always be honest with her and I shared my concerns about starting college on Thursday. We had a nice catch up, I owe a lot to her she has helped me so much and through some really dark times, her continued support through everything has meant so much to me and the fact that she still supports me even though I’m long past being a student at the school, I will always be grateful to her for how much she has helped me, and I really enjoy getting to see her on my visits to Dubai. 
Next item on the agenda was meeting up with my old PE teacher and her baby for coffee which was really nice. She commented on the fact that I look like my old self again before I got sick and how before she always use to remember me with a permanent smile on my face, which disappeared when I got sick and has slightly returned now. Her daughter Abi is nearly 1 and has just started taking her first few steps which was really cute to see. 

Overall it’s been a really good trip, I have really enjoyed it and to top it off the pain hasn’t been too horrendous since I’ve been here which is good. Back to England tomorrow morning, looking forward to getting back to almost the real world, and ready to start college on Thursday, pretty nervous and excited now I’m ready to start a new chapter of my life and I’m going into it with a positive attitude. 


7 thoughts on “My trip to Dubai.

  1. I am just in Dubai at the moment 🙂 so glad you enjoyed the trip and the pain didn’t stop you enjoying yourself. Keep up the positive outlook 🙂

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