First day at college.

You know what, I had a great day today!
Today was induction day at college, I woke up this morning 5 minutes before my alarm was due to go off and all I could think of is that I really didn’t want the day to begin and I didn’t want to go because I was just so nervous. 
When I got there I walked to the reception to be directed to where I needed to be, the course leader saw me and recognised me from my interview and directed me to where I needed to go along with another woman, so we walked there together, she was also 20 and was also concerned that she would be the youngest on the course with everyone else being much older, so we were pleased to have found someone of the same age on the course. When we got to the room where we were meant to be most people were already there and to my surprise most of them looked around my age. I chose a table to sit down at at the back with several other people. Was quite concerned I had picked the ‘wrong’ table and wouldn’t get on with any of the people sat there with me, but I did and we got on really well. There were three guys, one who I think was eastern European because of his accent and the fact his English wasn’t great and two other guys, one very good looking and 25 years old the other 22 and had a beard, they were both lovely. Also there were three girls two slightly older and had kids and one who was 22 but she is doing the course part time, however she is in my psychology class. Both the two guys are in some of my subjects which is also good. We spent the morning chatting and filling in forms and sorting out timetables and such, and it was pretty good I got on really well with the people on my table and had a really good time chatting to them all. 

We then had lunch and loads of other staff came round to see us, the course leader introduced me to one of the health team who showed me to a quiet room for people with disabilities and learning difficulties and such so we can get away from everything if needed and if I’m in a lot of pain and need somewhere quiet, and then she took me to the nurses so I could talk to them about keeping one of my meds in the fridge and they were nice too. I spoke to the health woman about my medical conditions and my previous mental health difficulties and she said that if I think my mood is starting to go downhill I need to go and see her as a first port of call and she will help.
Then I went back and joined everyone for lunch and then at 2 they said we could go, but my mum wasn’t coming to pick me up till 3. I waited with the guy who is 25 for a while and chatted to him before he went to get the train home and we met another guy on the course who is 20 and seemed really nice but he is not in any of my subjects though. 

Overall it was a really great day and I’m really happy with how it went and am really looking forward to going back tomorrow and starting properly next week. The pain also behaved whilst I was there, it’s not great now but I’m still buzzing from my really good day so don’t really care!


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