Part time.

Firstly I want to thank everyone who replied to my last post about going part time with college, all your advice really helped me make my decision and feel a bit better about it. I haven’t had much guidance with this decision due to the people who I normally talk to about these sort of things unable to reply to my emails about it. So everyone’s advice on here was really helpful, so thank you!

I made my mind up eventually and have decided to drop to part time with college doing my course over 2 years instead of 1. Today I saw my course tutor who agreed it and took me out of the two subjects I am now doing next year instead of this year, I know I’ve made the right and healthiest decision for my physical and mental health, so hopefully that might improve with me doing a bit less each week.
Though I wouldn’t say I’m doing too great right now with everything. I feel rather lost and alone at the minute and I have so much stuff going on my head with my thoughts surrounding the pain and how I’m feeling and no one to talk to about any of it. I’ve emailed my old psychologist about everything but I haven’t heard back debating emailing her again but I don’t know cause I don’t want to pester her and I have no clue she might even be on holiday so that could be why she hasn’t replied, so maybe I will leave it a bit longer.


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