My yearly appointment.

Today I traveled up to London from where I live to see my neurologist, it wasn't too positive really.

After filling in the usual questionnaires and a bit of a wait I was called in to see one of the Headache nurses, who is lovely. She gave me a letter from the clinical director that was addressed to me regarding the situation with ONS surgery being on hold, and basically just stated that it was still on hold and they are not sure if or when the problem will be resolved. She went through the medications I'm on, which is now only medications to control my POTS. And then asked me about what my pain levels have been like, which has been awful recently. She said that they had nothing more to offer me medications or procedures wise because I have ran out of options. She said that the only thing left was ONS surgery which obviously can't happen any time soon because of the issues with the NHS and them putting it on hold. But there were the more recent external simulators which have recently come on the market, like Cefaly and GammaCore, and that if I wanted to I could try them. She then said she would go and speak to my neuro in the other room and for me to go to the waiting room and wait.

I was then called to see my neurologist. He went through what the nurse had said and we had a discussion about it. I asked him a question, that I really wanted and needed to hear the answer to and only he could answer it for me. I asked him if I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. He said that he wasn't going to make any promises but it's highly likely that I will be in pain for the rest of my life. I told him I was desperate, he said he knows and he knows that I needed relief yesterday/today/years ago and that I've been in pain a long time now, and he understands that I'm desperate. He is a really nice guy who I respect a lot and I truly believe he wants to help me, though there isn't anything more he can do for me at the minute.

Safe to say have a mixture of some lovely negative emotions about today. I feel defeated and helpless, and I also feel scared about how on earth I am meant to go on in pain for the rest of my life, and I really don't know what to do, because there is nothing I or anyone else can do to help me. Not to mention I feel beyond miserable and depressed about today and my life. I told my mum when we got home about the question I asked and she cried when I told her what he said, I haven't cried yet, but that's nothing out of the ordinary because I hardly ever cry, will probably break down some when soon about it, but for the minute I'm just feeling desperately depressed and helpless. I was feeling bad before today and now I'm just feeling even worse about everything.

Hope everyone else had a better day than I did!


5 thoughts on “My yearly appointment.

  1. I am so sorry this was not the helpful appointment you had hoped for and needed, especially after waiting a full year. You were so right to stay until your neuro agreed to see you in person. I have come home hopeless and defeated from so many doctors, and it is so unfair and so horrible to be told point blank that the pain is for life. Hold onto your hopes for a cure or at the very least for better treagent options in the near future. The latter is certainly never out of the question. So much love being sent your way dear. These post-disappointing-doctor-visit days can be so overwhelming and I wish wish wish you did not have to have this added onto your pile. 💗💗💗

      • You are not alone, love. It’s totally okay to feel that way. I would too, and having been in this situation, I have gone through weeks and sometimes months of depression because of even well-meaning doctors who couldn’t help. Family members who have taken me to appointments have gotten into screaming matches with the doctors and nurses who refused to take me on as a patient (many actually turn me away with outright lies or intimidation, which is horrible too, but anger is easier than feeling defeated). My heart goes out to you in the aftermath of your appointment. These moments when desperation strikes are the very, very hardest thing to sit with and wait through, and no one ever seems to understand the shaky-dizzy-amped-up-but-exhausted-skin-is-crawling-racing-thoughts craziness of feeling like you’re in a snow globe being shaken by a small child and you have no control over where you land. I promise that the desperation and loss of control are not permanent. Now you have people to prove wrong. especially. And people who are cheering for you, no matter the distance between us. 🙂
        Sending extra spoons your way and wishes for much less pain on *every* level. ❤

      • Yeah the aftermath of bad appointments is always hard, and really knocks me down even further.
        Thank you for cheering for me and supporting me despite any distance 🙂
        I hope you have a low pain day as possible and sending you lots of spoons as well 🙂 ❤

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