Busy week.

So I’ve had a bit of a busy week. My mum went to Dubai to surprise my sister last Tuesday, so I was home alone, which is fine because I can drive to college and stuff now! So it was me and my dog, Bailey home alone for the week. Because my mum was away I was in charge of looking after Bailey, so it was up early every morning to feed her and let her out and then walk her at some point during the day, we had some nice walks and lots of cuddles on the couch.

College was crazy busy and I had to crack out my psychology research plan a few hours before the deadline to had in the draft for feedback last Tuesday. Which isn’t ideal for someone with chronic pain to have to sit for ages concentrating, but I had been putting off the assignment for a while because the pain has been so awful and I’ve been feeling really bad. However I managed to do it and get it handed in on time!

I also went back to Tae Kwon-Do after quite a while off, I literally forced myself to go back, there was a seminar with a world master being held at our club on Friday night so I went to that and it was really good. Then there was coloured belt grading that as a black belt I help examine at so I spent all of Saturday morning doing that.

My mum and sister got back yesterday however today they drove up to Cambridge for my sisters university interview. Words can’t really explain how proud of my sister’s achievements I am, she has three out of five university offers already and an interview at Cambridge.

Today I had college and got feedback on the plan I cracked out last Tuesday, luckily there weren’t many changes that needed to be made, so I just have to make a few changes and it will be done. However the whole research project draft is due next week Tuesday and I am yet to even carry out the experiment for it, so I have a lot to do for next Tuesday. My first law assignment is also due in tomorrow, before today I only had 200 words, but I have spent the 5 hours since I got home from college this afternoon doing it and managed to finish it. I will be heartbroken if I don’t pass because I’ve put a lot of effort into it today and the pain is really bad now. I am quite pleased with myself that I managed to complete it though.

The pain has been pretty awful, but hey that’s no change. Though other than the pain I feel a bit numb, I think I’ve just been overwhelmed with all these horrible emotions because I’ve been feeling god awful that I have shut everything off for a bit. It’s happened before.


4 thoughts on “Busy week.

    • Yeah I’m petrified of failure, which is probably the only motivation I have, I get things in just on time because I can’t face failing at anything anymore. Other than that I struggle bad with motivation. Thank for reading!

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