Ending my Christmas on a low.

So Christmas is effectively over, all my relatives left this morning, it was nice to see them but I am very glad to have my room back and not have to sleep on the floor. The days over Christmas were mostly not so bad, the pain wasn’t too horrendous and having everyone around provided a temporary distraction from my looming pain anniversary.

This morning after my relatives all left and because the pain wasn’t too bad my sister and I decided we would go and do some quick sales shopping with our Christmas money. We weren’t out long and managed to get some good buys, but as I was driving home I hit an 8 on the pain scale, and then a little after we got home I hit a 9. By this point I was already in bed, the pain hasn’t eased any and I’m typing this in agony, but there is nothing I can do. It doesn’t matter if I’m led in bed on my laptop in agony or just led in bed, it doesn’t effect the pain and I’m still going to be in agony either way. But I can’t really do anything but lie in bed because it hurts too much to move, sit up or get up.

So I’m ending my Christmas on a low, obviously my head decided that it needed to give me an unwelcome late Christmas present of severe pain, so thanks for that head! I will just continue to lie here miserable and in agony until I manage to drift off to sleep (with great difficulty may I add).


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