Maybe my brain does work properly after all.

Before Christmas my first law assignment for college was due, a day before the deadline and I only had less than a 100 words out of the 1100 word limit. Against my better judgement I sat down for 6 hours with minimal breaks to get it done, of course I paid for that afterwards, but needs must, it had to be done for hand in day the following morning. I have really been struggling with college, and feeling like my brain no longer works properly, that it has just turned to mush. I have been feeling really stupid and with a severe lack of concentration because of the pain. I managed to complete my assignment on time for hand in day after a very stressful 6 hours working on it, however I was convinced it wasn’t very good and that it was not good enough to pass. The first assignment is pass or fail, and I was adamant that I had failed it.

Today my law teacher emailed me my results, and I passed! He said that if the assignment was graded I would have got a distinction, the highest mark you can get! Completely shocked and thrilled; maybe my brain does work properly after all.

I had a horrible day yesterday, feeling miserable and depressed beyond words and the pain was severe, I retreated to my bed and didn’t leave all day. So this was some really good news that I needed to prove to myself that I can do things, that I’m not stupid, and most of all that clearly my brain must be working properly even though a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like it does.


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