Bad news unfortunately.

Unfortunately I found Cefaly incredibly painful to use, I really could not tolerate the feeling of it. It was painful for me, even with stopping the levels from increasing before the intensity got to the highest point. It was very far from relaxing for me, which is how some people had described it to be.

Disappointed to be honest, and I'm angry at myself. Angry because I let myself hope, initially I had no expectations about Cefaly. Well actually I was pretty convinced it wasn't going to help, but secretly hoping it would give me some relief. It turns out that this wasn't the magical miracle treatment for me, and I'm just left with the terrible disappointment that I swore to myself ages ago I would never inflict on myself ever again. I'm angry at myself for letting myself hope, for allowing myself to get disappointed again by trying another treatment. I honestly don't know why I bother, no treatment ever helps and after I am just left disappointed and trying to hold myself together in the deep dark pit that is the disappointment of yet another failed treatment. I dug myself this hole by trying this treatment, but I don't know how I'm going to get myself back out of it.


7 thoughts on “Bad news unfortunately.

  1. Please take a moment to think about this…….your pain did decrease, if only for a bit. That to me can be construed to mean it’s possible! You can never give up looking for answers or be brave and resourceful in trying new methods. Science is ever changing and improving. You’re tough. Shake it off and keep going. You’ve done so much recently. Pat yourself on the back rather than beating yourself up. Maybe this is a bump in the road with Cefaly and you need to keep at it???? Hugs from Florida. My daughter has found that when she’s busy with friends she doesn’t think about the pain so much. This is a milestone for her bc she used to stay withdrawn bc of the pain. Now she’s developed an active social life and is doing much better. Fight fire with fire, they say.

    • Thanks Debra. I’m still using it but it’s doing nothing and often making it worse, think I might take a little break from it for a week and then go back to it and see what happens. Can’t deal with anything that makes pain that’s already bad even worse! I’m glad your daughter has managed to have a social life and that it is distracting her a lot! Unfortunately for me I don’t have much of a social life due to having very little friends, and the couple of friends I do have live very far away from me now so we can only talk online. I have TaeKwonDo though which is my best distraction, still doing that as much as I can. I’m even competing in the South West of England championships next weekend, first time competing in almost 9 years, hoping that I manage to not have a bad pain day that day!

  2. I am so sorry. I know the crushing weight of disappointment so well. I have stopped hoping too…it seems easier. :(. Hugs from me. Maybe try it again on a lower setting in a few weeks?

    • Sorry you know it too 😦 Thanks! Yeah I’m going to have a little break from it then maybe try it again, but I’m not holding out any hopes; that’s too destructive!

  3. Be gentle with yourself dear, and remember that although this treatment ultimately failed you, you did not fail at it. Allowing yourself to hope is painful sometimes but it’s not a crime by any means. I think it’s a big deal that you had even a little pain relief, but i know this kind of disappointment all too well with my chronic occipital migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, and whole body pain from EDS, fibro, and CFS/ME. It is still important to keep dreaming, and to keep looking for anything that takes your pain down or distracts from it, because chronic pain research is finally taking off for real. And because you are incredibly strong, stronger than you feel right now and stronger than your unique pain.

  4. Sorry to hear that for both you and my daughter. Got prescription but all they sell here in the US is the one with only one setting “preventative”. She’s had her headache over a year, it’s far too late for prevention. I wonder if it’s even worth trying. The doctor suggesting the trans-sphenoidal injections as the next possible step to break her pain cycle. Novacaine directly to the ganglion. But what happens when it wears off? I’ve heard the headache often comes right back.

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