3rd place in 40th Anniversary South West of England Tae Kwon-Do Championships!


Yesterday I competed in the 40th Anniversary South West of England Tae Kwon-Do Championships. It was a great day spent with quite a few people from my club and hundreds of people from the South West of England who were competing. Supporting everyone and competing was a fantastic experience to be part of!

I competed first in patterns, where I got a respectable score, though not good enough to place. However I was pleased with my score and that I didn’t make any mistakes on my pattern despite being very nervous. I then did a team event with my instructor and two others from my club, unfortunately we didn’t win, but it was great to be part of the team.
Then it was my individual sparring event, and I am pleased to announce that I came 3rd!!! Though I did take a cracking kick to the eye in my last fight, was a bit shaken up but pulled myself together and continued with the fight and held my own. However unfortunately the girl I was fighting was incredibly good, a lot better than me and she won. Though I still took 3rd place and was over the moon.

I went to this competition not expecting to place in anything, so I was very surprised and happy to have taken away 3rd place, even have a nice shiny bronze medal to show for it, as you can see from the photo! To me it was just an achievement to enter a competition despite chronic pain and illness, so to come away with 3rd place is beyond amazing to me.

However due to the kick to my eye I am now in a lot of pain. My eye obviously hurts a lot and is bruised and swollen now and it seems to have made an impact on my headache which is now raging. But you know what, it was worth it!


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