Small achievements.

Today I combated some of my stress and actually had a pretty okay day. I have been feeling incredibly stressed over the past week, everything was getting on top of me and I had no clue how to de-stress and do everything I needed to do.

Yesterday I went into college firstly to attempt to do some work in the inspiration room and secondly for an appointment with my law teacher to discuss my assignment. I sat in the inspiration room for 3 hours staring at my laptop getting more and more stressed by the minute. After almost 3 hours I went to the nurse so I could inject my lunchtime medication and told her how stressed I was, so she let me lie down in the nurses room for half an hour before my appointment with my law teacher. I did some mindfulness whilst I was lying down but was still feeling incredibly stressed, anxious and on edge. I then went to see my law teacher and without me even having to tell him I was stressed he asked me if I was stressed and/or anxious, he could clearly tell. I told him both and that I hadn’t decided on a topic for my assignment that everything was getting too much and I don’t know what to do and how to handle everything. So he said he would decide on an area for me to do my assignment so that I didn’t have to make the decision myself which was clearly causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. He then went through possible research questions for the topic and what I needed to include. The appointment with him was incredibly helpful, and we talked about some of my issues with pain and depression. I left the appointment feeling like a bit of the weight on my shoulders had been lifted because I now had an area to focus on for my assignment, though still stressed about actually writing the assignment itself. My law teacher said he wants to see as much as I can get done by Wednesday in the lesson, which is good because I work well to deadlines.

Today I woke up from a not very good nights sleep, but decided to take a trip out to town for some coffee and breakfast, I took my iPad with me and some notes for my assignment. Sat down in the coffee shop put my headphones in and listened to some Taylor Swift (a personal favourite of mine) to block out the noise of everyone around me. I then set to work on typing some notes for my research project plan and got a fair bit done before I decided to go home. It was a nice morning and I really enjoyed some time by myself listening to some music and doing something productive.
After getting home I saw down with my laptop and all my notes and set to work on properly typing up my research plan and also my research project. Each has to be 1000 words, and I actually got loads done, had quite a few breaks because I need to pace myself, but I managed to complete 500 words of the plan and 800 words of the project.

I’m really pleased and proud of myself for actually getting a lot of the assignments done despite how stressed I am feeling. So that is quite an achievement for me, all be it only something small. Today was quite a good day and the pain isn’t too horrible, did lots of mindfulness as well throughout the day which was good.
I have work and Tae Kwon-Do training tomorrow, so I probably won’t do any more of it tomorrow, but Monday I hope to do some more and have it nearly completed by Wednesdays lesson where my law teacher can look at it and give me some feedback.


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