A big achievement.

After the horribly stressful week I had last week, this week has been good.

Firstly I went into college on Tuesday for psychology and my teacher said she was going to hand back our first graded assignment which gives us credits to be able to get into university on, this assignment was a research plan. However she said that not everyone had passed it, me being me who has absolutely zero confidence in my own abilities sat there convinced I had failed. She handed them back and to my absolute surprise I got a distinction (the highest mark you can get), I went into a slight state of shock because I just couldn’t believe it. I texted my Mum and she said that I underestimated myself which is clearly true. After the lesson I then went to my skills development appointment and the woman I see said she thinks I’m a bit too clever for my course which was also a shock because most of the time I feel very dumb and like my brain doesn’t work properly, and I am not entirely sure I believe her on that one. However I seem to keep being proven wrong about that clearly.
Showed my law teacher on Wednesday what I had done so far of my assignment and he said that so far it was good and well written and gave me some tips on how to improve it to hopefully get a distinction.

It has kind of given me a bit of confidence in myself which is good because I have literally zero of that, and it has also given me a bit of confidence in psychology because I worrying I wouldn’t be any good at it at university. I’m proud of myself for getting a distinction, I really wasn’t expecting it but I’m thrilled about it. For me it is such a huge achievement considering how I was this time last year and how I thought I was doomed to stay the rest of my life in bed miserable and in pain living off my parents. I can do this and I can achieve things despite pain!

My sister also arrived yesterday which has been really nice, I haven’t laughed so much since the last time she was here, she is really quite hilarious. I have now got a week off college for half term though I’ve got a fair bit of work to do. I’m off to Dubai on Tuesday for 4 full days. Haven’t got much planned other than seeing one of my favourite people on Thursday. My Dad also got some free corporate tickets to the Dubai races and asked me to go with him on Thursday night so that should also be good. Am looking forward to going there for a few days it will be a nice break.


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