Crazy busy week.

Last week was half term for college, so I had a week off. For the first half my sister flew over from Dubai for a few days, which was really lovely, and then for the second half I flew back to Dubai with my sister. It was only a short visit for me, I was only there for 4 full days, it was crazy busy trying to fit everything in however I had a really lovely time.
On Wednesday after picking my sister up from school we decided to go for a walk along the beach, completely unheard of for us, I was going to go on my own and just have a quiet walk and sit on the beach for a bit practicing some mindfulness. But when I told my sister I was going for a walk along he beach she said she would come too, which meant I didn’t get any mindfulness in on the beach but we had such a lovely time it was even better. After a short walk and a sit down on the beach for a while we decided to go for a drive round Palm Jumeirah, so we set off, my phone plugged into the speakers in my car, blasting Taylor Swift’s albums out of it. We sung at the top of our lungs the whole drive and to me it was a true moment of happiness spending time with my sister and having such a lovely time.
On Thursday I went into my old school to see my old school counsellor who I’m still really close with and we had a really lovely chat. Seeing her is always a highlight of my trips to Dubai and one of the things I miss about living in Dubai is not being able to talk with her properly, she is probably the one person that knows me best in the world. That evening me and my Dad went to the Dubai Horse Races, as he had been given corporate tickets to the event, so I got all dressed up and went with him to that which was quite nice. Friday I went shopping, then to visit some close family friends and then out for a nice dinner with my Dad and sister to our favourite steak restaurant. Overall I had a really lovely visit, all be it quick and busy.

However I got no college work done because I was so busy despite taking the work with me. Which meant on Monday, after getting back on Sunday lunchtime I had to do it all. I misjudged how long it would take me, I had two law assignments to finish but I had done the majority of them so didn’t think it would take me long. Well that was a mistake, I spent nearly 10 hours completing them on Monday, not good for someone with chronic pain, however I incorporated lots of breaks and mindfulness so that I wasn’t just sat there for 10 hours working. After having to re write my research report twice to make sure it was within the word limit, I had both parts of the assignments done and felt rather pleased with myself that they were ready to hand in on Wednesday.
It was back to college on Tuesday, I had psychology and we were given our marked research reports back. Personally I didn’t believe mine was very good, but turns out I got a merit which I was pleased about until I saw the breakdown of what sections were what grade and I was one section off getting a distinction overall, so that made me annoyed at myself.
Handed my law assignments in yesterday and my law teacher told us that we are not doing an exam in law now, instead we are doing an alternative assignment worth the same. So that is much better for me and my rubbish memory. Have also handed in all my study skills work and just have to complete the mock interview next Wednesday with my course tutor.

I’ve had a busy week, being in Dubai and travelling and all this college work I had to do and attending college as well this week, so I’m pretty exhausted and have gone to be at 8pm two nights running now. I’m giving myself a couple of days break from college work, I don’t have anything that’s pressing just a couple of small homework tasks and some notes to do. Was meant to see my psychologist today but she had to cancel as she wasn’t feeling well, so not seeing her till next week now. I’m in the unusual situation where I’ve got nothing to do all day, but I think I’m going to have a self care day, do some mindfulness, some colouring (which I have just taken up), some reading and hopefully taekwondo training tonight.

Tomorrow I am off up to Surrey with my Mum to stay with her best friend and her family for two nights, which I can’t wait for because I haven’t seen them in ages and will get to see two of my favourite little people (her 12 year old twins), and hopefully her other daughter and son as well!

Saturday me and my Mum are going up to London to meet my new friend and her family. She and her sister both have NDPH, she is 18 and her sister 11. Our Dad’s know each other through work in Dubai and put us in touch. Coincidentally enough before even knowing about this connection or knowing who I was they were readers of The Never Ending Headache, which is crazy to think about. Been in touch with them quite a lot and I’m really looking forward to meeting them all.


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