A really lovely weekend.

I have had a really lovely weekend. First on Friday me and my Mum drove up to Surrey from where we live; which is about an hour and a half drive away, to stay with my Mums best and oldest friend and her family. We hadn’t seen them for quite a while and I had really missed them, we had a nice evening with them. On Saturday me and mum got the train to London to pick up some of my medication and meet my new friend who has NDPH and also her sister does too, so we met up with her and her family. It was a really lovely experience meeting them, I’ve spoken to a lot of people with NDPH over the years however I’ve never actually met anyone with it. I will admit to being quite nervous meeting them, however I didn’t need to be because they were so nice and it was lovely to talk with them for a few hours having afternoon tea at a nice hotel. I struggle with being social but this was totally different because they were people who actually understood properly what NDPH is like and how it effects you. I hope it was a nice for them as it was for me!
Afterwards me and Mum got the train back to our friends house in Surrey to stay the night again before driving back home this morning. I’m pretty tired now though, so I’m going to get a good nights sleep so I am hopefully feeling up to doing some college work that needs to get done tomorrow.


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