21st Birthday!

Today is my 21st birthday! Usually I tend to get a bit down on and around my birthday, however today has been an exception, so far I’ve had a lovely day and have a really nice evening planned as well. I have been thoroughly spoiled by my lovely family with lots of really nice presents, my parents bought me two pairs of heels and a leather jacket from my favourite shop and my sister bought me a gorgeous dress and my grandparents have all spoiled me as well. I am truly lucky to have such an amazing family!
This morning I even had a surprise delivery of flowers and a balloon from my old school counsellor/now close friend, which made me cry tears of happiness; never been sent flowers before and they came from the best person ever.
I had a quiet morning and then me and my mum went into town for a coffee and a bit of lunch. This evening I’m off to this really nice restaurant with my mum and some family friends which I’m really looking forward to and am going to wear my new dress and heels! So far it’s been a really lovely day, I’ve had lots of nice messages from people as well.

This birthday so far has been the exception to the rule of me feeling rubbish on my birthday, yes I’m in pain but despite the pain I’ve had a really lovely day and have a lovely evening planned also and I feel positive and happy right now.

I’ve been through so much, this is my 6th birthday spent in pain, but this year that’s okay because I know I can cope that I can be happy and I can achieve things and I am accepting of the pain. I’ve come so far since my last birthday, and not to mention the 4 years prior to that, it’s an ongoing process and there are still many bumps in the road but I feel okay!

Happy birthday to me πŸ™‚


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