Yeah, so I think I’m in flare up.

So today I’m in a whole world of pain, I woke up about this morning and the pain is god awful. Usually it doesn’t happen this way, usually I wake up and I’m at my lowest level and then it increases throughout the day, however sometimes I wake up and it’s already awful, today is one of those days. Recently I’ve had a lot of bad days, though generally they have been days where the pain has increased throughout the day but there’s been a lot of them. Somehow though the pain wasn’t too bad on my birthday and I was able to enjoy my day. But over the past two weeks I’ve had to leave college early a lot because of the pain being bad and haven’t done much taekwondo training, which is always a sign that possibly I’m in flare up.

Days like today though I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m in too much pain to do anything other than lie in bed however lying in bed makes me think too much and sit with my pain too much, and I worry about anything and everything. The pain is so intense I can hardly keep my eyes open let alone do anything. I’ve spent all day in bed and the pain is still awful this evening. Hoping it eases by morning!


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