Straight back into flare up.

Went back to college last Tuesday after two weeks off for Easter. I had a good Easter, got out of flare up after about a month of high pain, and had relatively low pain whilst I was off college. However going back to college last Tuesday has sent me straight back into flare up. High pain Tuesday night, high pain after college on Wednesday and all evening, spent all of Thursday in bed with high pain. Friday I had a bit of a POTS episode and had a massive seizure in the bathroom, which resulted in me being in bed all day again Friday, because my blood pressure and heart rate weren’t playing ball and my pain was bad also. Saturday was also spent in bed with high pain. Sunday I managed to go to work but as soon as I got home I needed to be in bed, and today I’m in bed with high pain.

I have a mock psychology exam tomorrow at college, but because the pain has been so high and I have had to be in bed with it pretty much for the past 5 days I haven’t been able to study for it. We know what the questions are but for the life of me I can’t remember any of the information, definitions, studies or evaluation. It takes me a long time going over something to be able to remember it properly and I just haven’t been able to do any of that. I’ve emailed my teacher giving her a heads up that my pain has been bad and I have been bed bound the past 5 days and therefore haven’t been able to study, so if I took the exam the likelihood is that I would fail it. I’ve decided not to go into college tomorrow for the exam, because I know what I am like, I will sit there looking at the exam paper, not knowing the answers to the questions so I would stress and stress myself out and get overwhelmed and anxious and possibly have a bit of a breakdown, which is not good for my already bad pain. Therefore the best decision for me and my health is to not put myself in that situation. My teacher emailed back saying that it’s okay if I don’t feel well enough to come in tomorrow and that if I feel able to I can take it on Friday with the other class. So hopefully I may be able to get a bit of studying in before Friday and take the mock exam then.

Though I am really annoyed, I have practically only just got out of a flare up, only to go back into one less than two weeks later. Not a happy bunny!


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