MHAM blogging challenge – Day 2

A person who helped you hope:

There are a few people over the years who have helped me hope through support. The main few being my family who have stuck by me no matter what, through my darkest times have always been there to support me. With my condition there isn’t much hope that I will ever be pain free, for years there was hope that each treatment I tried may alleviate some of my pain however unfortunately I ran out of treatment options because everything I tried didn’t help. I felt like hope was hard to come by for a long time. Until two people one being my old school counsellor who helped me cope for years, who inspired me to be better, who understood how and why I felt the way I did, and my latest psychologist who showed me that with work on acceptance using meditation and natural pain management techniques that I could be okay despite pain as long as I put what they taught me into practice. Showing me I could hope for a good and full life despite pain. For a long time I was too scared to hope, it was like everything I ever hoped for got taken away by the pain, but then my eyes were opened towards acceptance and hope for a better life felt much easier.
I no longer hope to be pain free, which sounds odd I know – I wish I was pain free, but being realistic I am probably never going to be. Instead I hope to be okay despite pain to live a full life and make my pain and everything I have been through since I got sick over 5 year ago matter. Without the help of my school counsellor and psychologist showing me that hope was okay, I would forever be stuck in the place of hopelessness that sometimes has consumed me.
I hope one day I can give hope to someone in the way people who have helped give me hope throughout my journey with my condition.


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