MHAM blogging challenge – Day 3

Small headache and migraine hopes – what small thing gives you hope for living with headaches and migraines? 

My phone with all my mindfulness recordings; they help me cope and I have recordings for many different times of the day, many different lengths of meditations. Mindfulness meditation is the thing that is most beneficial to my pain and condition, probably the best relief I get (along with Tae Kwon-Do) and helps me cope with the difficult emotions that arise often for me. Mindfulness is about being in there here and now, focusing on only getting through that particular moment, not focusing on the past or the future. Letting thoughts come and go without paying them too much attention. It is now widely known that mindfulness can help with chronic pain and illness’ and I can tell you for a fact for me it does help my pain as long as I consistently practice it and it helps me maintain my mood and therefore my hope for living my life despite my pain.


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