My first trip in an ambulance.

So yesterday afternoon I had my first trip in an ambulance.
I have been having chest pain on and off and Friday evening it came and when I woke up on Saturday it was worse. Been having lots of symptoms and issues with my heart rate, which I went to my GP about and she got a referral for a cardio appointment at a local hospital. Yesterday the letter arrived with my appointment, they want me to have a 24 hour heart rate monitor on the 4th August however my appointment to actually see the cardiologist after that is not until the end of December, which is utterly ridiculous. The chest pain was really bad so I decided to call the NHS 111 helpline for some advice on what to do. They insisted on calling out the paramedics. 10 minutes later a first responder knocked on my door, and then a paramedic and then an ambulance. The ambulance crew eventually came to the conclusion I needed to be taken to hospital to get checked out, so off I went on my first ambulance trip to hospital.
I spent the next 4 hours in A&E, had several ECG’s, blood tests and an X-Ray and eventually saw a doctor who told me I wasn’t having a heart attack so could go home. No answers to why I had such bad chest pain or why my heart rate is so erratic and I have all these different symptoms. They offered me some pain killers, opiates but I said no to them because they could make my headache worse eventually and also if I have them and find they help my head I will want them again and again and that’s not the best course of action for my NDPH. Other than that they said I could have paracetamol, but realistically not really meant to have that more than a few times a week because of my headache as well. So that sucks especially as my chest still hurts.

I feel very frustrated about the whole thing, it’s the story of my life that I go to a doctor/hospital and they can never find anything wrong with me on any tests yet I have symptoms and pain. Going to ring the hospital tomorrow to see if there is any chance I can get an earlier appointment with the cardiologist, so will see.