Wishing everyone a low pain Christmas!

I have treated myself to a Christmas present, my own domain! I am now theneverendingheadache.com which I feel very excited about.

Christmas can be a hard time for us chronic pain sufferers, we so badly want to be well and join in with all the activities but often we just are not able to join in with everything we wish we could. Leaving us to feel miserable and frustrated about how our conditions affect us.

I’m spending Christmas in Dubai with my Mum, Dad and sister and we are out to a hotel on Christmas Day for lunch or Christmas Day brunch as it is called here. It should be really good, that’s if my pain behaves as much as physically possible, which hasn’t been happening much recently at all.

Wishing everyone a Happy and low pain Christmas I hope you manage to enjoy the day as much as possible,


the never ending headache – Sian


4 thoughts on “Wishing everyone a low pain Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas! I almost used my pain as an excuse to not go to a friends house today but it’s only because chronic pain makes me susceptible to stress – no excuse. I plan on having fun, hope you do to!

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