I’m sorry but I disagree.

I disagree with the statement that pushing through the pain is possible for me, that I should just go about a ‘normal’ life like someone who doesn’t have chronic pain and live despite my chronic pain. That I should be able to ignore it, that after 7 years of it I should be use to it and therefore it shouldn’t bother me. I disagree with the statement that just because I can do things like exercise or pop out to the shops means I could work a full time job, I’m sorry but you don’t quite understand.

See I try so god damn hard to function as much as I can despite my pain, but when I try to do normal things like study or work my pain has a tantrum like a two year old that’s hungry, actually that’s not entirely accurate as it lasts way longer than a two year olds tantrum. My pain revolts, it gets so angry I’m left in more agony than normal and completely bed/sofa bound for what could be weeks on end. So when people say I should plan for the future or I should push through the pain it actually makes me really angry as I really don’t get how I can. I’ve tried so many times, I take one step forward into the real outside world trying to be a normal functioning member of society but soon after I am catapulted two steps back into my bed with pain levels through the roof. And when my pain is that bad there’s no hope in hell that I can function.

So my question is, if my pain does that when I try to do something how on earth am I meant to push through the pain and be a normal member of society despite my chronic pain? Because I really don’t understand how that is possible.



7 thoughts on “I’m sorry but I disagree.

  1. Can you have the implanted device removed?

    Have you ever investigated neuro feedback?? That was what helped my daughter tremendously and she suffered for years too just like you.

    Always hoping for a miracle for you.

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    • I have to trial it for like 2 years before they will consider removing it – because it could take that long to have any impact. However the fact that I’m worse isn’t a good sign. And even if I have it removed the pain is still so temperamental when I try to do things so I’m back to square one effectively. I wasn’t expecting the stim to have helped yet but it’s not meant to make the pain worse though. Glad neuro feedback helped your daughter I actually haven’t tried it so will have a look!

    • Has your daughter been cured of the problem? Because if so, this is my next step! I’ve been dealing with my problem for almost 3 years, February 5th will mark it exactly and absolutely any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Every time you write a new post, I feel like I could have written it myself. I feel just like you. After five years of having chronic head pain, numerous doctors, numerous medications (both alternative and conventional), I too have been told to push through the pain or ignore it and it’s quite annoying to hear. You’re right about how the heck is a person suppose to go through life normally with a chronic pain condition. It will be different for them than a person who is pain free. I feel like my dreams are shattered because I just won’t be able to do things that a person who is pain free is able to do. To me, it’s not possible to live normally with pain. Life is hard enough and adding pain to the mix makes it ten times harder.

    • I’m sorry you feel the same way, it’s really not nice. I honestly don’t get why people think I should be able to push through the pain and get on with my life normally.
      Wishing you a low pain day!

  3. I agree! It’s people who don’t “get it” that make comments. The “healthy people” see us out and think we are fine when we are really so far from fine. I wish people could live a month in my shoes to gain perspective. We have to do a lot to be able to go out and often suffer consequences after the event. ❤💚 Hugs to you and everyone with chronic pain!!

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