Apologies for the disappearing act again.

Sorry I disappeared again, there was a reason, this time not entirely to do with health; well it was but it was because someone I know in real life was reading my blog which caused me to feel completely unable to write on here honestly expressing how I feel. I’m very messed up in that I cannot stand people who know me in real life knowing everything about my health and especially my feelings and I also have an inability to talk about them to people in my life also. So this blog has always remained very very private in my life so that I feel able to express how I feel which the only time that ever happens outside of me posting on here is when I’m with my psychologist or my doctors. I can’t write if people I know are going to be reading it, but hopefully it is sorted now and they have promised to stop reading, so I’m just desperately hoping they keep that promise, because I need this blog so much.

Will post an update soon.
Wishing you all a low pain day.

the never ending headache – Sian


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